First Baptist Church of Logansport
Saturday, January 25, 2020

January 2020



The Wanda Hamilton Family 
Please lift Marcille Sandborn in prayer.  She recently lost her husband and four days ago her sister, Pam, passed away. 
 The Verna Hall Family






Prayer Requests:


Roland Champagne did fine having the bone marrow transplant.  Please pray that it is successful. 

Friends of Helen Holmes and family - Young mother carrying twins began having contractions last night.  She was given meds to stop those contractions but had another small one at 6:30 this morning.  At last update they were waiting for her dr to make his rounds.  Please lift this young couple and their families in prayer.  

Betty Hall sent this request for prayer:

Reese Bishop, 13 years old has a mass in his chest. He’s the son of Troup Bishop who’s the son of Emerson and Dee Bishop, formerly of Logansport now living in Nacogdoches. 

Update by Helen Holmes: young couple expecting twins - Mother is still on complete bed rest 23.5 hours a day.  The twins have reached their 23 week milestone.  Mother is taking a continuous magnesium drip to prevent premature labor.  Also taking steroid shots to help twins lungs.  Next  milestone will be Week 25.   At Week 28 milestone - dr says chance of pregnancy continuing goes to 30%. 

Roland Champagne will have his surgery on Thursday.

Mandy Duran emailed this update to her church, Shilo Baptist, after seeing her oncologist in Dallas yesterday (Adam is her husband and practices medicine in Carthage)Saw the oncologist today... THINGS ARE SHRINKING!!!  We will continue with the trial medication.  The doctor thinking may 9 months to a year before I am in remission.  REMISSION is such an awesome word.  I have to postpone the meds for a week because like last time I am moderately neutropenic.  Adam will do blood work next week and if my numbers are up then I will begin the meds again.  We will do scans again in two months.

Renee Alford Lodestro-taken to hospital possibly had mini stroke (Sarah Alford’s daughter) -  teacher at LHS

Wanda Hamilton- had a stroke, can’t talk(from Joaquin) 
Jan and David Martin back home; Jan is recovering from an upper respiratory illness but is doing better. 

John and Betty Walker, John is some better and has regained limited mobility after drs in Houston reduced fluid buildup.  Betty is sick with upper respiratory illness and is on medicine. 

Bennie Owens’ heart valve repair went well.  He returned to Headricks Drugstore Monday but is still recovering; follow up checkup is February 14.  He and his family thank you for your continued prayers. 

Teresa Waggoner Champagne’s husband, Roland, has leukemia. He’s had treatments, but they’re doing a very strong treatment to kill all of the cells and have a bone marrow transplant. He’ll be in isolation for a while off and on, in Dallas, Tx


Carolyn Evans, fell today and broke multiple ribs.  She is at home but in a lot of pain and has to be still.  

Austin Hermann - Surgery for appendix removal went well.  Emily Evans Hermann Husband. They are stationed in Japan.

Connie Walker (Brenda Walker’s sister) - Continued health concerns, dialysis is possible.

Mandy Duran - Will go Dallas tomorrow for scan.  This will be the first scan since she’s been on a new protocol.


Puerto Rico - Continue praying for those affected by recent earthquakes.  Also pray for the relief efforts provided by churches and others, both locally and abroad. 

 Betty Thompson - Is improving slowly. Her swelling has gone down and she is eating some.

Austin Hermann - Is having surgery in the morning for appendix removal. Emily Evans Hermann Husband. They are stationed in Japan.

Mary Rutherford - Continued upper respiratory Issues

David Long  - has colon cancer and having surgery Friday the 24. Friend of Corre Evans


John Walker - Dr is putting him in the hospital for several days, they will plan to stay with him. (Jan Martin’s brother)


Jan Martin's brother, John Walker, goes back to Houston today . Pray for safe travels and his appointments while they are there

Kim Henderson (flu) 

Barbara McClellan - Please pray for relief from pain and healing 

Continued prayers for the Deutsch Family 

David Lane, Preston’s brother is very ill. Prayers for him and Preston and Windella as they help take care of him 

Henry Binning (request by Jan Martin)

Barbara McClellan has been released from the hospital and is home.  Please continue to pray for complete healing


John Smith is doing well overall, in-spite of  developing an upper respiratory infection since coming home. Thank you for your prayers, we have felt each and every one of them. 

Bennie Owens (Hedrick's Drug): Having open heart surgery next week.

Betty Thompson: Was moved to Post Acute Care (Formerly known as Lifecare) North Campus. Shes in room 201.

Mrs. Juanita's brother, Phillip Garlington, had heart surgery this past Monday, that went well. While he was there, they found a blood clot in his brain that they are planning to treat with medication. 

Jan Martin's brother, John Walker, goes back to Houston on Monday. Pray for safe travels and his appointments while they are there. 


BILLY MURPHY: WKN - Recovering from gallbladder removal surgery from yesterday. Should go home today.

BARBARA MCCLELLAN: HIGHLAND - No broken or fractured bones, just deep bruising. Has begun physical therapy and is hoping to be release to go home or to rehab to continue physical therapy at the end of the week. 

SAVANNA PITTS: Recovering at home from knee surgery.
JOHN SMITH: WKP - Being released to go home today.
 JOHN SMITH, WKP - Went to the ER over night with blood loss and extreme fatigue and weakness. They are unsure where the blood is coming from. He’s been given several bags of fluid and moved to ICU, due to no room in a step down unit. Please be in prayer for he and Mrs Joni. 

Mary Rutherford, WKP - Went to the ER last night and they kept her for observation and to administer fluids. 


UPDATE:  Barbara McClellan- Tests did not show any new issues with back, however, Drs are concerned with the intense pain she is still having and will do an MRI tomorrow or Monday.  Please continue to lift in prayer. 

Prayers Needed for a young couple from Baytown, pregnant with their first babies, twins.  Their doctor told them yesterday, due to complications with the mother and the size of children, (who are not due until April), that she will not be able to carry them and will loose them both within 2 weeks.  However, they have put her on complete bed rest, hoping for 5 more weeks to give the babies a chance.  (Submitted by Helen Holmes, close  friend of the family)

UPDATE: John T. Mosley- Needed heart surgery

3 stints placed after suffering heart attack, also treated for extremely high blood sugar. Is doing well since surgery and may go home today.  Pray for traveling graces as Ross and Freddie Alison head home today.

Betty Thompson-started dialysis Monday but improvement is slow.  Please continue lifting her in prayer.
Connie Walker- Has been released from hospital. Please continue to pray, specifically for rest and recuperation.

Barbara McClellan - Fell early this morning and was taken by ambulance to Highland.  Landed on her back, hitting back of head.  Having really bad back pain, pain meds not helping at this time.  Results of CT scan, ultrasound and other tests will be tomorrow morning.  Please pray that there is no damage to work done from previous back surgery. Due to mobility issues, please call cell, 318-465-9209, instead of hospital phone


Mrs. Ann Hall just called and told me that Freddie and Ross are on their way to Houston to see about John T. Mosley  (Freddie’s son) He has possibly had a heart attack.  Please keep him in your prayers as well as the Allison's as they travel.


 Joye Malone has been admitted in the Mansfield hospital with pneumonia.  Giving her fluids now and doing better. 

Update On Connie Walker: Connie is doing great. Survived two major surgeries on Monday.

No more internal bleeding, new heart valve is working great, no dialysis needed (a true miracle)eating good, just had catheter removed and will be moved from icu to a regular room today if all goes well. Should be going home in a few days. Praise God!!  Thanks for everyone who took the time to pray for her. We truly appreciate our church family..

Zach Bossier, Highland Hospital- has been admitted to hospital. He is in a lot of pain. Doctors haven’t been able to determine what the problem is at this time. 


Update: Connie Walker -  dr was pleased with her progress this morning


UPDATE ON Connie Walker from Bro Shawn:

Tonya’s parents and I are on our way to Houston. Tonya’s aunt Connie is having emergency surgery this morning.

Please pray for Connie and the rest of the family. 

UPDATE:  Connie Walker is out of 2nd surgery. Everything went as well as could be expected.


Connie Walker -   Will have heart valve replacement (going in through artery) tomorrow. Drs have been working with her all weekend to build her up for this surgery. Many Thanks to everyone who has been praying for her, please continue, The Walker and Thrapp Family 


Mandi Duran’s white cell count wasn't high enough for her to get her meds so she will have to wait.  Please pray for her white cell count numbers to increase


Connie Walker- Drs at Houston hospital were able to treat toxins in system, however, kidney issues remain.  She is not a candidate for open heart surgery but if strong enough, drs will go in through an artery to insert a new heart valve.  The Walker and Thrapp family thank you so much for the prayers. 

Betty Thompson - Has been moved to ICU, Highland - monitoring her breathing closely

Annelee Sharrow (Steven and Baylee Sharrow’s infant daughter) was released from the hospital today

Taityn Evans, daughter of Megan and Chase Evans is in WKS with RSV

Brenda Russell - Lung cancer 
Richard Land - appointment with specialists Friday
Sue Deutsch - CT scan scheduled for Friday

Faye Spears - At home with hairline fracture of hip; no surgery at this time

Kelli Murphy - Recovering at home from surgery


Our Staff
The church and it's members 
Our Homebound
Those in the Nursing Home & Assisted Living
Our Troops & Coalition Forces
The Armed Forces Men and Women in Service who are from our community.    Please remember them each day in prayer.  They are facing things you and I can only imagine.  


If you have a prayer request you would like to post, call the church office or go to our Request Page on this Site!!!