First Baptist Church of Logansport
Monday, May 29, 2017

May 2017



 The Family of Stella Adams
The Marie Cordova Family

The Bill Arbuckle Family
The Family of Victor Lee ( 13 year old killed in Shelbyville school bus crash) 
The Family of Patrick Parks,  Joaquin, TX








Prayer Requests:


Bessie Jean Malone - DeSoto Regional Hospital 

Ben Roberts - Begins new job today

Julia Walker - Has been admitted to hospital, (Nicole Roberson's Grandmother)

Continue praying for:  Robbie Martindale, Anne Perrett, Parker Garrett, Donna Cowart, Hollis Holmes, Corey Cowart, Nancy Serwe, Michael Deutsch, R.E. Deutsch, Dorothy LaGrone

Billy Saddler

 Donna Cosby - Pray for upcoming appointment to discuss course of treatment

Olivia Hassell - Has finished treatments.

Praise Report

 Tom Radcliff-  5 year check up; still cancer free

 Nancy Serwe will be moved for rehab tomorrow - Garrison Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center in Garrison, TX; granddaughter Sissy works there.
Johnny Myers -  Is in ICU at WKN with heart attack.
Jessica Henderson - Foot issue successfully treated.

 Donna  Cosby-  Admitted to Baylor hospital with pneumonia.   (Sue Boyd)

 Daniel Bumganner -  (son of Chad Henderson's friend) - 21 yrs old, was shot and critically injured last night when the Houston, TX store he was in was robbed. 

Jessica Henderson - Pain and other issues with foot.
Olivia Hassell -  Continued prayers are needed.

Donna Cosby - Is home and recovery from surgery is going well; please pray for upcoming Dr. appointment on Tuesday.

Continue to Lift in Prayer:  Donna Cosby, Parker Garrett, Kim Henderson, Stella Adams, R.E. Deutsch, Michael Deutsch- recent surgeries, Corey Cowart, Tom Campbell, Hollis Holmes.

Nancy Serwe - Surgery for pace maker scheduled 7am this morning.  Is out of surgery; surgery went well.  (Shirley Clark) 

Julia Walker - Previous hip replacement, causing pain and additional related issues, Jasper, TX.  (Nicole Roberson's Grandmother)

Robbie Martindale - Health concerns, Jasper, TX (Nicole Roberson's great aunt)

Evelyn Biggar - Shingles and severe pain in hips, Center, TX.  (Juanita Campbell

Nancy Serwe - Low heart rate, is scheduled to have a pacemaker put in tomorrow morning., WKP  (Shirley Clark)
Dwena Henry-health concerns
Nancy Serwe -she is on the way to the hospital, 
Stella Adams
Donna Cosby

Shelbyville School Bus- Was involved in serious accident this afternoon, please pray for all involved. (Carolyn Ewing)


Scott Stanfield - Is home and doing better.


Riley Jane Warren - Was released to go home from hospital yesterday, (Infant daughter of Jody and Veronica Warren)

George Hayward - Good report after recent surgery, please pray for upcoming test in August

Scott Stanfield - Had surgery to remove appendix but is running a fever, (Ricky Blount's son-in-law)


Our Area Churches and Pastors, High School and College Graduates, Law EnforcementFirefightersFirst RespondersElected Officials - Local, State, and National, Our Military and their Families 

 Donna Cosby

R.E. Deutsch

Doris Mitchell

Kim Henderson

Parker Garrett

Raylen Acker - recent heart surgery, (infant grandson of Gary Acker)

 Michael Deutsch

Olivia Hassell - continuing to take treatments

Wayne Spears - Recent eye surgery

Anne Perrett 

Tom Campbell- Serious eye problems, (Juanita Campbell's son)

Lloyd Parks - Has been released from hospital

Hollis Holmes,

Cindy Hughes - COPD, Magnolia, AR 

Unspoken Request

Doc Cowdin - Hodgkin's disease


Donna Cosby - Will have a heart cath this morning followed by surgery to remove a growth pressing against her heart. (Jeanette Cosby's daughter)


Billy Saddler- WKN,

Joyce Cogswell,

Dakota Bass,

Cade Averett -receiving treatment in Houston,

Janice Pierce,

Corey Cowart,

Donna Cosby- (Jeanette Cosby's daughter), transferred to Baylor for tests. 

Tiffany Pippenger, Joni's niece has hurting and weak muscles since having the flu. Undiagnosed so far. Has a two yr old daughter. Prayers for her please, Debbie Hamon 


Hollis Holmes - Was released from the hospital yesterday, please continue to lift him in prayer.


Kayse Carroll -  Is scheduled for a spinal tap in the morning. 

 Jerry Dunn - At home recovering from recent knee surgery.



Our Staff
The church and it's members 
Our Homebound
Those in the Nursing Home & Assisted Living
Our Troops & Coalition Forces
The Armed Forces Men and Women in Service who are from our community.    Please remember them each day in prayer.  They are facing things you and I can only imagine.  


If you have a prayer request you would like to post, call the church office or go to our Request Page on this Site!!!