First Baptist Church of Logansport
Sunday, September 24, 2017

September 2017



 The Joe Vann Family (Nubbin Boyd's Uncle)

The Caleb Gibbs Family (Parents Scott and Holly Gibbs)






Prayer Requests:


Pamela Curtis had a stroke earlier this week and is having by pass surgery today.  She is the mother in law to Diana Curtis, assistant principal at LHS. (Corre Evans)


Cratelyn Henderson - University Health, severe arm injury after ATV accident Sunday.  

Easton Burns - Continue praying for Easton and his parents.

Dwena Henry - Continue to pray for her and her family.

Camille Wallace, 3yrs old - Texas Childrens's Hospital, Houston, TX. Heart and lung problems, condition is critical.


Dwena Henry- Please pray for her and her family


Dwena Henry and daughter Sharon Fletcher - Explosion at home with serious burns to Mrs. Henry, both transported to University Health burn unit.
Easton Burns in your prayers. After further testing this afternoon his platelet levels had dropped further and they are admitting him in to University Hospital (LSU Hospital) for further testing. His family would appreciate your prayers at this time. 


 Bessie Jean Malone - Is home from the hospital.

Easton Burns - He has a very low platelet count and will do more testing Monday. (MaryEason) 


Update: Kevin Lee - Yesterday's knee surgery went well, WKN.

Tom Campbell - Is having eye surgery on both eyes today, Juanita Campbell's son.

Jody Warren - Gout in multiple areas of body

Camille Wallace - 3 years old, is having heart surgery today at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, TX.  Health issues related to heart increase risks of necessary surgery.  Parents are Colton and Ashley Wallace.


Kevin Lee - Undergoing knee surgery this morning, WK North.  


Bessie Jean Malone - Hospitalized, DeSoto Regional Hospital. (Nedra Nunley)


 Don and Joann Nunley, Estelle Nunley - Continuing health concerns. (Nedra Nunley)

Peggy McElwee - Has started chemo treatments. (Nedra Nunley)

 Vel Head (Pat Garrett's sister-in-law) - Breast and lung cancer, Kingston, TX.



Our Staff
The church and it's members 
Our Homebound
Those in the Nursing Home & Assisted Living
Our Troops & Coalition Forces
The Armed Forces Men and Women in Service who are from our community.    Please remember them each day in prayer.  They are facing things you and I can only imagine.  


If you have a prayer request you would like to post, call the church office or go to our Request Page on this Site!!!