First Baptist Church of Logansport
Saturday, February 22, 2020

February 2020



DeSoto Parish Deputy Donna Richardson-Below died today in a two-vehicle crash while on duty
 The Virginia Horn Family
 A service honoring the life of Virginia Horn will be at 2:00 p.m. on February 11, 2020, at Rose-Neath Chapel in Logansport. The chapel will be open prior to the service for visitation. 

 Kyle and Taylor Leggett in their loss of infant son, Hudson Leggett

The Pauline Dearman Family - Arrangements are pending  (Joni Smith’s aunt)

 The Wanda Hamilton Family 
Please lift Marcille Sandborn in prayer.  She recently lost her husband and four days ago her sister, Pam, passed away. 






Prayer Requests:

Prayers needed for preemie infant  Hedi Jo Leggett - She had a lumbar puncture yesterday, will be several days before test results are in.  She has a PDA (hole in her heart), requiring increase in oxygen.  Another area of concern is the level 3 bleed in the brain she had when she was three days old.  An ultrasound of that area shows suspicious activity. Parents are Kyle and Taylor
Please pray for Dorothy Paul, wife of Donnie Paul;  She is a patient at WKP with very Serious health problems. She can have no visitors, only family members, and also requested no flowers as she is allergic to them. (submitted by Helen Holmes)
Ruthie Meshell (Tony, who works for Richard Land, is her husband) - Health concerns, please lift her in prayer 
Linda Cordray - Pain and swelling from recent hand surgery, please pray for pain relief
Joseph Perrett (Beth and Will’s son) Is feeling much better after seeking additional treatment.  We felt each prayer, thank you!
Kenny Guillotte - May need back surgery 
Presley Cline (Jimmy Henderson's great granddaughter) - Specialists have decided to wait and see if her skull will start growing as her brain grows, surgery is considered too risky, until then she is on restricted activity 
Sue Deutsch - Slowly improving
Vonda Eubanks - Fell and twisted ankle
Richard Land - Some better after medication change
Barbara McClellan - Improving but will take time
Ridley Henry, (Carla and Wayne Spears' great grand) -released from hospital and is home
John Walker - Fell and hurt ribs
Durrett Woods - PET Scan today
Roland Champagne - Is doing well and was dismissed from the hospital. He will be staying in an apartment in Dallas (near the hospital) for 3 months
 Urgent Prayer Request has been made for 12 year old Cole who has been fighting cancer most of his life. (His Dad is Brian Pasquier from Carthage but now living in Longview)

Cole is on a vent and fighting as hard as possible.  He is most likely septic and is experiencing the early stages of multiple organ failure.  We remain steadfast in prayer and believing that he will be healed. (Submitted by Bonnie Pope)

Carla and Wayne Spears’ 2 year old great granddaughter, Ridley Henry, is in WKS with a very serious case of pneumonia. 
Ruby Rushing will have a heart cath (A.C.S. out patient cardiac cath lab) in Shreveport, Thursday, February 13, 6:15 arrival time
Prayer has been requested for Mr. Turpin; he stumbled while carrying a pot of hot oil sustaining 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his hands and body (Ochsner LSU Health Burn Center)
Bobbie Childress waiting on appointment for tests
More testing for Mike Fields to determine why he passed out
Pam Holmes’ infant grand baby still hospitalized with breathing issues
Mandy Duran is battling an infection
Michael Deutsch had skin graft surgery yesterday.  Please pray that the graft takes and heals properly
Gwen Bagley Klotz -  She recently had a stroke and is on hospice care now.  She’s at The Glen nursing home .  
John Walker - Got a good report, dr was pleased in the improvement from last visit.  Pray for continued success with following salt free diet
Jeanne Seaborn, Miles Seaborn’s Grandma, - Is home still recovering from pneumonia, but is doing better.
 Durrett Woods, he has been diagnosed with cancer and will  be under going treatment (submitted by Martha Guilotte)
Doby Perkins - Had emergency appendectomy yesterday, will remain in hospital for another night on IV antibiotics.  Chest X-rays taken in hospital 
showed some pneumonia 
John Walker - Taken to Houston for checkup this morning by Jan’s son and daughter in law .  Will return today, please pray for safety on trip home. 
Dorothy LaGrone - Was released from the hospital Tuesday night, please lift her in prayer as she continues to recuperate and regain strength 
Betty Thompson - Will be moved to Heritage Manor on Mansfield Rd today or Friday
Faye Spears - Hip is healing well
Hayden Clark - Will go to Dallas next week to begin process of fitting 
John T Mosley - Is continuing to do well since heart attack and surgery, however, his dr says he will need to have additional stints
Ronnie Smith (Brenda Walker’s brother) - continues to heal after ankle surgery; he will need to stay off of it for the next 4 weeks
Roland Champagne - Will continue to recover in Dallas for 3 months
Mike Fields passed out in his yard yesterday and is undergoing tests (submitted by Faye Spears 
Bobbie Childress is going in for tests for health issues (submitted by Faye Spears)

Dorothy LaGrone - expected to be in WKP through Wednesday but is improving 

Taylor Leggett - Prayer needed for nausea and other concerns 

Connie Walker - continued health concerns (Brenda Walker’s sister)

Suzanne Henderson Wells and daughter Adley have the flu.  Adley is doing better but Suzanne had a rough weekend and was taken to the dr today (Kim and Gary Henderson’s daughter and grand baby)

Pam Holmes’ grand baby was born premature and is having breathing issues

 Prayer requested for premature baby weighing 4lbs and struggling with feeding

 Update on Dorothy LaGrone:  She will be in hospital at least through weekend getting IV antibiotics and getting breathing treatments.  Improving some.  from Lynnette Alford

UPDATE:  Miles Seaborn’s grandmother, Jeanne Seaborn, is improving and should hopefully go home tomorrow

From Brenda Walker:

Please put my brother, Ronnie Smith of Natchitoches on the prayer list. He will have surgery this morning to repair his ankle and foot bone. He has a really bad heart. Concern is about the anesthesia effects Because of his heart. Thank you very much for your prayers, Brenda Walker



Our Staff
The church and it's members 
Our Homebound
Those in the Nursing Home & Assisted Living
Our Troops & Coalition Forces
The Armed Forces Men and Women in Service who are from our community.    Please remember them each day in prayer.  They are facing things you and I can only imagine.  


If you have a prayer request you would like to post, call the church office or go to our Request Page on this Site!!!