First Baptist Church of Logansport
Sunday, July 21, 2019

July 2019





Nancy Clark Serwe- Visitation will be at 10:00 AM, Thursday, July 25, 2019.  Funeral following at 11:00 AM,  FBC Logansport

The James Brown Family (Chris Brown's father)

The Lane Hall Family - Stonewall, La (Coach on Ainsley Morvan’s Titan softball team)

 The Harold Green Family

The Johnny Gibbs Family

The Buffy King Family






Prayer Requests:


Mike Loftin (Nedra Nunley's nephew) - In WKP with pneumonia and related health concerns


Carolyn Evans - Was taken to Highland hospital early this morning, waiting on tests

Megan Evans - Had surgery to repair breaks on both sides of ankle, plates and screws were needed. Home now but in lots of pain, please pray for pain relief

Don and JoAnn Nunley (Whitehouse, TX) - Health concerns, prayer needed (Nedra Nunley's brother and wife)


Clifford Eubanks - Broken ribs but is back at  work

Cane McCoy - Dr checkup

Carolyn Evans - Burn from hot liquid, please pray for healing

Danny Weber - Kidney stones

Freddie Allison - WK Pieremont, rm 4424, Infected insect bite, skin cancer surgery postponed

Mandy Duran - Issues with side effects from treatment, please pray for relief


Michael Hall (Garden Park, SHREVEPORT) - Hospitalized with pneumonia; was given something to help reduce fluid in lungs this afternoon allowing him to rest.  Please continue to lift family in prayer as well. 


Megan Evans - Broke her foot last night

Barbara McClellan -  Heart cath scheduled for 7/31.   Back surgery, for 7/18, has been postponed


Ryan Ward - Surgery not required at this time, please pray for continued healing

Bobby Childress - Had surgery and is doing well

Linda Burns, Shilo community - MRI for headaches showed cysts on the brain and  aneurism in neck.  Will treat aneurism first 

Terry Jones-cancer

Trip Rieken- He’s out of surgery and asking for chocolate milk! Severe bruising but no bleeding once they got in and took a look. He’s going to be ok. Seeing an orthopedic surgeon today for the broken bones. Thank you for the prayers. His mom could sure use a few, she is a wreck. Cassie is her name. God is so good. 🙌🏻☺️


Trip Rieken - 

Was in a serious accident last night. He has a broken hip, broken collar bone, lacerated liver, and started bleeding internally. They just life flighted  him to Dallas this morning.  He is 4 and so precious. Please pray.  (Submitted by Kim Henderson at the request of a close friend to the Rieken Family)


Nubbin’s 1st cousin’s father in law is in ICU critical with fluid in his lungs due to his kidneys    His name is Gary Baker and he is in Mainland Hospital in Texas City.     He really needs prayers! Thanks

(Submitted by Sue Boyd)


Grayson Gamble,  9 yr old daughter of Blake & Casey Gamble. She will be seeing a neurosurgeon on the 12th regarding a cyst that is pushing against her pituitary gland. (Submitted, Judy Harvey)

Donna Cosby - Heart was out of rhythm but now doing well, has been sent home (update, Sue Boyd)

Angela McDonald - Will rerun tests in a couple of months.  Family thanks you for your prayers. (update, David Graves)

Bruce Temple - Is home but condition about the same (update, Brant Graves)

Dorothy Nell Strong - Is at home
Barbara McClellan - Spinal decompression surgery on her back July 18
Freddie Allison - Skin cancer surgery on nose area, July 17th
Bobbie Childress - Back surgery scheduled for Wednesday

Donna Cosby - Is in North Richland Hills Hospital with chest pains   (Jeanette Cosby’s daughter)


Betty Walker, Jan Martin’s sister-in-law, is in WKP 

 Lane Hall, Stonewall, LA - (Coach on Ainsley Morvan’s Titan softball team), was seriously hurt yesterday on his job. Serious head injury and arm.
Jan Martin - Will have day surgery on her foot tomorrow morning

Brenda Barber is in Highland Hospital-Room 356. Went to dr with chest discomfort. Will have a heart catheter tomorrow.

---- Heart cath went well, no blockages 


Chase Brewton grandson of Linda Foreman, was in a car wreck on Monday and is in ICU at UT Tyler, collapsed lung, bruised kidneys, concussion, lots of bumps and bruises


Sue Boyd - Heart cath tomorow morning, Highland Hospital

UPDATE:  Sue Boyd - heart cath went well,  No blockages

Michael McClain - Is home from the hospital, please continue to lift in prayer


Michael McClain - Will move into a room today, low potassium being treated, more testing to follow

Marjorie Bryant - Is home and doing well (Chris Brown’s mom)

Marla Gribbin - Has returned to nursing home (Sandra Davis’ sister)

Craig Jones, Buffy King - Please continue to lift in prayer

Michael McClain (Barbara McClellan’s son) - In ICU at WKP with seizures; was intubated and placed in medically induced coma.  Prayers Needed

UPDATE:  Michael McClain - is no longer intubated and he’s awake. They are going to do some type of brain scan to see if they can tell what is causing the seizures.  His potassium is very low and they are trying to get that back up. He’s in ICU #10.  The family thanks you for your prayers and asks you to please keep the prayers coming!! 

Milton Rogers - Was released from the hospital today and is some better. Please pray for continued recovery.  The Family thanks everyone for their prayers. 


Marjorie Bryant, (Chris brown's mom), is having a heart procedure tomorrow morning at WKP


Dorothy Nell Strong -  Not in rehab due to low blood count;  still in WKN Rm 275 as of Friday 14th


John Milton Rogers, Highland Hospital Rm 129 - Surgery went well but had a rough night, please continue to lift in prayer, 


 John Milton Rogers (Kade Rogers’ dad) is in surgery at Highland at this time, prayers needed 

R.E. Deutsch - Check up today
Pat Garrett - Upper respitory issues

Dustin Strickland, LSU - Sustained severe injuries to body in a single vehicle accident  (Gary Henderson's former coworker)

Margaret Averett -  Placed on hospice
R. E. Deutsch - Is home; please continue to lift in prayer
Jan Martin - Received a good report on her knee
R.E. Deutsch -  WKP
Dorothy Nell Strong - WKN room 275

Kim Smith (Windella and Preston Lane's daughter) - Neck issues, will need injections

Bobbie Roberts (Bro Hall's sister)-  Recovering from eye surgery, pray vision can be improved by glasses

Geneva Parker Whitten - Has returned to Mansfield Nursing Center
Tommy Gibbs - Cornerstone Rehab

Marla Gribbin, Sandra Davis’ sister, is in hospital in Natchitoches with a broken hip. (Mary Eason)

Bruce Temple - Highland Hospital (submitted by Brant Graves)

Clay Clark - Outpatient treatment for pneumonia this morning; please pray for easier breathing and relief from coughing

Dorothy Strong - ICU, WK North
Don Nunley (Nedra Nunley's brother) - Heart issues
Terry Weber (Tony Weber's son) - Medical issues
Tammie Scarber - Upcoming surgery

Aubree Carroll, 7lbs, 9oz, was born today to Stephan and Alicia Carroll

Clay Clark - Good report from heart device check

Freddie Allison - Received report from recent skin biopsy and will meet with plastic surgeon June 25 for a consult

Geneva Parker - Please lift in prayer

Shilo Baptist Church - Will have a time of prayer dedicated specifically for those in need of healing, Sunday, June 2, 6:00 PM. 


Jean Bounds - Is in Highland Hospital but last report she was feeling much better.

Angela McDonald, Center, TX - MRI and tests (Submitted by David Graves)

 G W Hickey, Waskom, TX (Submitted by David Graves)


Kay Coker - Cataract surgery Thursday

Mandy Duran - Will leave Thursday to receive immunotherapy treatment in Houston on Friday.  In addition, please pray for traveling graces

Raymond Pyle (Martha Guillotte's brother) - Home on hospice
Billy McSwain - Blood clot in lung

Laura Simmons, Center, TX - Ultra sound showed mass in abdomen, will go tomorrow for additional testing

Eula Mae Babers - Hospitalized, LSU
John Britt (Colleen Britt)cancer

John Wayne Walker (Jan Martin's brother) - On the road to Houston today for checkup with specialist tomorrow, in addition, please pray for safety on the road.

Mandy Duran - Saw her specialist in Houston last Monday and will need a biopsy 

Please Pray For:

Those graduating from High School and College.

Principals, Teachers and students as they prepare for the end of the school year.

 Bro. Hall and Ann - Traveling graces while on trip                             

Traveling Graces for all those on the road this weekend and throughout the summer months


Clay Clark - Has been released from the hospital 

April Knight - Health concerns


Our Staff
The church and it's members 
Our Homebound
Those in the Nursing Home & Assisted Living
Our Troops & Coalition Forces
The Armed Forces Men and Women in Service who are from our community.    Please remember them each day in prayer.  They are facing things you and I can only imagine.  


If you have a prayer request you would like to post, call the church office or go to our Request Page on this Site!!!