First Baptist Church of Logansport
Wednesday, April 08, 2020

April 2020



 The Rev. Doyle English Family
 Sherry Dean, (David Graves’ sister)





Prayer Requests:


Paula Holmes McSwain's first test was negative hopefully next week's test will be negative too.
 Paula Holmes McSwain had her first test yesterday and got the results today, but she is still testing positive for COVID19. She will go back next Thursday again to test.  Please be praying for a negative test then and on the next one after that also.

Urgent Prayer request for Hunter.  He is 18 months old and he is being rushed to Saint Jude Hospital. He was just diagnosed with leukemia. He is also a hemophiliac. The mother’s  name is Rebecca Harville, the grandmother’s name is Jackie Barnette and they just lost Jackie’s mom to cancer( Joan Harville)  her husband is Larry Harville a preacher at Logan full gospel.  They are from Stanley.  (Request submitted by Tamra Ward)

 Dorothy LaGrone has been moved Into an apartment next to Marlene and is under hospice care.  Please continue lifting Dorothy and her family in prayer 




Our Staff
The church and it's members 
Our Homebound
Those in the Nursing Home & Assisted Living
Our Troops & Coalition Forces
The Armed Forces Men and Women in Service who are from our community.    Please remember them each day in prayer.  They are facing things you and I can only imagine.  


If you have a prayer request you would like to post, call the church office or go to our Request Page on this Site!!!